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Resolved Conference 2012

Palm Springs Convention Center

Session 1 | Jesus, Lord of the Church  John MacArthur  Audio (MP3)  Video

Session 2 | When God Killed People at Church  Austin Duncan  Audio (MP3)  Video

Session 3 | The Kind of Church You Need to be Part Of  Steve Lawson  Audio (MP3)  Video

Men's Breakout Session | John MacArthur | Masculinity and the Church  John MacArthur  Audio (MP3)  Video

Session 4 | Even if Someone Should Rise from The Dead:
The Church and the Sufficiency of Scripture
  Al Mohler  Audio (MP3)  Video

Session 5 | The Affections of the Church  Jonathan Rourke  Audio (MP3)  Video

Session 6 | How the Gospel Motivates Church Attendance  Rick Holland  Audio (MP3)  Video

Women's Breakout Session | Femininity in the Church  Carolyn McCulley  Audio (MP3)  Video

Session 7 | Church and Disappointment - When Expectations Collide with Reality  C.J. Mahaney  Audio (MP3)  Video

Session 8 | Pure and Simple Devotion to Christ  Rick Holland  Audio (MP3)  Video

Session 9 | The Great and Glorious Future the Church  Steve Lawson  Audio (MP3)  Video

Session 10 | Do You Also Want to Go Away? The Church's Faithfulness to Christ  Al Mohler  Audio (MP3)  Video

Session 11 | The Death of Christ  C.J. Mahaney  Audio (MP3)  Video

Resolved Conference 2011

Palm Springs Convention Center

The Lynchpin to Spiritual Growth  Rick Holland  Audio (MP3)  

Prove It: Knowing and Doing the Will of God  Al Mohler  Audio (MP3)  

A Vision of God in a Time of Crisis  John MacArthur  Audio (MP3)  

Authority of the Scriptures  John MacArthur  Audio (MP3)  

When Someone Doubts  C.J. Mahaney  Audio (MP3)  

Our So Great Salvation   Steve Lawson  Audio (MP3)  

The Believer's Right Response to Difficulty  Rick Holland  Audio (MP3)  

Called, Loved, and Kept  C.J. Mahaney  Audio (MP3)  

So I Really Do Need The Law?   Al Mohler  Audio (MP3)  

Children of Light  Steve Lawson  Audio (MP3)  

Resolved Conference 2010

Palm Springs Convention Center

Jesus: The Only Mediator  Rick Holland  Audio (MP3)  Video (M4V)

Who is Jesus Christ?  Steve Lawson  Audio (MP3)  Video (M4V)

I Wish I'd Been There  C.J. Mahaney  Audio (MP3)  Video (M4V)

So I Really Do Need a Priest  Al Mohler  Audio (MP3)  Video (M4V)

Panel Discussion  Keynote Panel  Audio (MP3)  Video (M4V)

Jesus: Our Sovereign Savior  Steve Lawson  Audio (MP3)  Video (M4V)

Jesus: The Eternal I Am  John MacArthur  Audio (MP3)  Video (M4V)

A Vision of the Glorified Christ  John MacArthur  Audio (MP3)  Video (M4V)

Experiencing Christ  Rick Holland  Audio (MP3)  Video (M4V)

The Lamb Who Would Be King  Al Mohler  Audio (MP3)  Video (M4V)

Called to Contend for Christ  C.J. Mahaney  Audio (MP3)  Video (M4V)

Resolved Conference 2009

Palm Springs Convention Center
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The War Against Your Soul  Rick Holland  Audio (MP3)  Video (M4V)

Blessed Bankruptcy  Steve Lawson  Audio (MP3)  Video (M4V)

Who’s Really at Work?  C.J. Mahaney  Audio (MP3)  Video (M4V)

Blessed Purity  Steve Lawson  Audio (MP3)  Video (M4V)

A Theology of Creation  John MacArthur  Audio (MP3)  Video (M4V)

God’s Sovereignty Over Satan’s Fall  John Piper  Audio (MP3)  Video (M4V)

A Biblical Strategy For Fighting Sexual Sin  Rick Holland  Audio (MP3)  Video (M4V)

The Sanctifying Shepherd  John MacArthur  Audio (MP3)  Video (M4V)

The Troubled Soul  C.J. Mahaney  Audio (MP3)  Video (M4V)

How Sin Serves the Glory of Christ  John Piper  Audio (MP3)  Video (M4V)

Resolved Conference 2008

Palm Springs Convention Center
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The Three Most Important Facts of Life  Rick Holland  Audio (MP3) | Video (M4V)

Heaven: If Only We'd See the Shore  Randy Alcorn  Audio (MP3) | Video (M4V)

Three Reasons to Fear God  John MacArthur  Audio (MP3) | Video (M4V)

God as Father: Understanding the Doctrine of Adoption  C.J. Mahaney  Audio (MP3) | Video (M4V)

The Echo and Insufficiency of Hell  John Piper  Audio (MP3) | Video (M4V)

The God-Centeredness of Heaven  Steve Lawson  Audio (MP3) | Video (M4V)

Heaven: God’s Resurrected People Ruling His Resurrected Earth  Randy Alcorn  Audio (MP3) | Video (M4V)

The Great White Throne of Judgment  Steve Lawson  Audio (MP3) | Video (M4V)

The Triumph of the Gospel in the New Heavens and New Earth  John Piper  Audio (MP3) | Video (M4V)

Paul's Manifesto: To Live is Christ  Rick Holland  Audio (MP3) | Video (M4V)

The Rich Man and Lazarus  John MacArthur  Audio (MP3) | Video (M4V)

The Cry From the Cross  C.J. Mahaney  Audio (MP3) | Video (M4V)

Resolved Conference 2007

Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center
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Sinners in the Pierced Hands of an Angry God  Rick Holland | Audio (MP3)

The Unrivaled Supremacy of Jesus Christ  Steve Lawson | Audio (MP3)

Preaching the Gospel Message  John MacArthur | Audio (MP3)

Atonement & Justification (The Pharisee & the Tax Collector)  John MacArthur | Audio (MP3)

Panel Discussion  Resolved Speakers | Audio (MP3)

God is the Gospel  John Piper | Audio (MP3)

The Suffering Servant  C.J. Mahaney | Audio (MP3)

It Will Cost You Everything!  Steve Lawson | Audio (MP3)

A Passion for God's Supremacy and Compassion for Man's Soul  John Piper | Audio (MP3)

Deflating the Puffed Up Church  C.J. Mahaney | Audio (MP3)

Resolved Conference 2006

Pasadena Civic Auditorium

A Life of No Regrets  Rick Holland  Audio (MP3)

A Tale of Two Sons  John MacArthur  Audio (MP3)

True Beauty  Carolyn Mahaney  Audio (MP3)

The Narrow Way  Steve Lawson  Audio (MP3)

Extravagant Devotion  C.J. Mahaney  Audio (MP3)

A Faith to Imitate  Rick Holland  Audio (MP3)

The Sovereignty of God  Steve Lawson  Audio (MP3)

Sovereign Grace  C.J. Mahaney  Audio (MP3)

Panel Discussion  Resolved Speakers  Audio (MP3)

The Sufficiency of Scripture  John MacArthur  Audio (MP3)

Resolved Conference 2005

Hyatt Regency Orange County

An Introduction to Jonathan Edwards  Steve Lawson  Audio (MP3)

Interrogating the Legalist Within  C.J. Mahaney  Audio (MP3)

The Vanishing Conscience  John MacArthur  Audio (MP3)

Guard Your Heart  Steve Lawson  Audio (MP3)

Why Gethsemane?  C.J. Mahaney  Audio (MP3)

The Lord’s Table as a Compass for Life  Rick Holland  Audio (MP3)

The Use of Your Time  Steve Lawson  Audio (MP3)

Pay Attention to What You Hear  C.J. Mahaney  Audio (MP3)

Evangelism  Kirk Cameron  Audio (MP3)

Resolved Conference